Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Kongcrete Retaining Walls are a simple, effective way to make the most of your landscape.

Kongcrete Sleepers


2000mm x 200mm x 75mm

1600mm x 200mm x 75mm


Kongcrete retaining walls consist of galvanised steel posts and reinforced concrete sleepers as opposed to conventional walls made from timber.

About Us

We are 100% locally owned introducing a new form of Retaining Wall System. Located on the Kapiti Coast we provide retaining wall componentry perfectly suited for Residential, Commercial and General landscaping applications.  Super popular in other countries due to their strength, resilience and aesthetics, we are proud to make them available in NZ.  Our sleepers are also ideal for raised garden beds, garden edging, steps and fencing.

Why concrete retaining walls?

With materials comprising primarily of concrete and steel, our walls are designed to stand the test of time .

Engineered  in design combined with material durability makes for a high quality retaining wall. We use galvanised steel posts that hold the concrete sleepers in place Рthe combination of the two makes for an elegant wall.

Over time timber will inherently tend to deteriorate by warping and conceding to the elements much earlier than that of reinforced concrete.

Kongcrete retaining walls are an easy & cost-effective way to add value property value. 

Kongcrete walls can be customised to fit the layout of your land. Get in touch with us now!

"They're built strong, engineered, look the part and your neighbours will probably want one".


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